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Our Proven Approach to Help You Obtain the Right Life and Health Insurance Coverage to Benefit You and Your Family - While Receiving "Tax-Free" Payments from Your Business to Enjoy During Your Retirement Years.


Getting Started is Easy - The Better Benefits Formula is made up of the following 4 steps:

The Peace of Mind Program™

The Peace of Mind Programis a proven system that we created and have refined over the years to assist Business Owners to obtain the right life and health insurance coverage to benefit themselves and their families while receiving "tax-free" payments from their businesses to enjoy during their retirement years. Our approach is as follows:

1. The Turning Point Discovery Meeting


  • Introductions

  • ​Your existing foundation (you may not be clear on exactly what it is but rest assured you already have an existing foundation)​

  • The "tax-free" opportunities available to you

  • Timing

  • The right fit

2. The Life and Health Insurance Benefits Blueprint

  • "Tax-free" life insurance coverage with guaranteed cash value living benefits​

  • "Tax-free" critical illness insurance coverage with 100% guaranteed return of premium

  • "Tax-free" medical access insurance coverage providing prompt front of the line health care for diagnostic procedures (eg. MRI, CT Scan etc.), specialist consultations and surgical procedures

3. The Family Safety Net Directory

  • A one page easy to understand Master Summary

  • Your benefit documents co-ordinated and catalogued for easy reference

  • Your Will, Directives and Powers of Attorney documents all organized within your directory

4. The Peace of Mind Advisory Services

  • Wills, Directives and Powers of Attorney

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Employee Agreements

  • Family Trusts

  • Family Foundation Funds  

As a business owner you deserve to be rewarded 

Many business owners have built and managed their businesses for years and yet there is no plan in place for their company to provide them with a "tax-free" financial package to benefit them and their family.

We routinely hear of individuals working in the public and private sector that get generous "taxable" retirement and severance packages. For example, many teachers have over $1 million in their publicly funded retirement plan.

As business owners we don't receive such a financial package from our company's unless we establish such a package ourselves. 

The big advantage as business owners is that we can do this in a way where we receive the financial package from our company's "tax-free".

We created and refined the "Tax-Free Benefits Package for Business Owners & Their Families ™ to provide business owners with a proven system to realize the significant tax advantages available to them through their company establishing a life and health insurance benefits package for themselves. 

We are here to help. If you would like us to help you or if you have any questions you can reach me directly by email at or you can call or text me on my cell at (403) 540-4644. I would welcome the opportunity to help you.

George Goulet

President – United Advisors

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