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Optional Critical Illness Coverage


Additional $25,000 Critical Illness Benefit 

  • HealthSure™ Plan is underwritten by Lloyd’s Underwriters. Lloyd’s is recognized as the first
    and one of the most prestigious insurance company’s in the world with a history dating back to

  • Plan administration and management of medical services for HealthSure™ is provided by MSH
    International (Canada) Ltd. which is a Lloyd’s Approved Coverholder. MSH International’s
    Calgary Regional Headquarters are located at Suite 300, 999-8th Street SW Calgary, Alberta
    T2R 1N7. MSH International’s Calgary toll-free phone number is 1-800-672-6089. Their local
    phone number in Calgary is (403) 232-8545. Their email address for Client Services in Calgary

  • We (Access Health Benefits Ltd.) provide plan enrollment and service support for your
    HealthSure™ Plan. Our toll-free phone number is 1-888-264-8020. Our local phone number in Calgary is
    (403) 264-8020. The email address for our Client Services Manager, Kathy Shearer is


To view the HealthSure™ ‘Sample Policy’ Click Here


Healthsure CI Rates 2019.png


Note: these rates are in addition to the standard Medical Access Insurance rates for each individual. Your Medical Access Insurance rates can be viewed here. Coverage is only available at the flat benefit amount of $25,000. If you would like to add additional critical illness coverage, please let us know when we you email

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